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Klingon Slave Auction at BayCon Convention

This years Klingon Slave Auction at BayCon Convention went off a lot better due to a bigger room and a sizable block to position the volunteer slaves on. I have to thank Dave Hansen for his valuable engineering skills in assembling the box, also supplying the extension cords and sound system, it wouldn't have gone off as well without his input.

A few notes are, I didn't see Flair (security) at the door and it was difficult to keep the drunks in line (next time a whip, chair & a gun) it was a real effort to maintain the mob. From
the responses and compliments I had been receiving everyone agreed it was entertaining, but it felt like I'd run a marathon through a sauna.

We started setting up the Cypress room at 8pm, first we repositioned some of the chairs and then placed a slave stand and moved it around till we had it right...then strung it with red lights on the box, also a string of white lights before the first row of chairs. Next we made sure the air conditioning was on and then we rehearsed our performance with the Orion Slave traders... (a comical skit of Debbie being flung over a masculine shoulder and carried out, you had to be there) at 9:40 I ran up to the room to change to my auctioneers outfit then ran back down. I hadn't been gone twenty minutes and the room was full of people and everyone impatient to get the auction underway.

Eventually I worked my way over to this years collection of volunteers and briefed the rookies in the finer points of offering their best side to the audience. And then welcomed back the veterans who were more than willing to flaunt their stuff before the crowd and then checked with the Klingon's stationed to keep the crowed at bay. Then started the event five minutes early. Our sound system was inadequate and the ceiling was a trifle low, but what can you do, you learn to work with what you got.

I've been in formed that there is enough footage although the camera operator was heavily inebriated, hence there will have to be a lot of editing before we can contribute another flick to "YOU TUBE" If your interested last years contribution is titled "BayCon Slave Auction. Oh one more item is we collected over Nine hundred dollars to donate to the Make a Wish Foundation.
Sort of makes me feel all warm, fuzzy and heroic like, "I've got bragging rights".

Alexander Diaz
a.k.a. El Obi Ben Juan the flesh peddler
a.k.a. Imperious Leader BF-SPG

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