June 21st, 2011


NorCalPirateFest 2011

Yawn!! Is it morning again, my poor old body is screaming at me in no uncertain terms, that it has not yet recovered from this years Northern California Pirates Festival. Thinking back everyone save one bailed out due to one thing or another, my brother had to work, my girlfriend and her girlfriend had previously booked another affair of “Tea with the ladies” and in all truth I couldn’t justified making her feel guilty for not going. My thinking when was the last time she had a chance to go out with her girlfriends (I’m not that much of a cad) so I gave my blessings for what it was worth.

Conferred with one of my minions of doom Lady Saiyon and we worked out a way for me to arrive on public transit via the Ferryboat from San Francisco. What a capitol idea I’ve always wanted to try that route and so awaking early Saturday morning eager to get going and took the Muni to the Ferry Building. However I decided not to wear my pirate gear but use a travel bag with wheels to carry my resplendent arraignment, since I live in the Height Ashbury drawing attention is a no-no, as my neighbors think I’m a rather upstanding fellow and so why confuse them.

On the way down town I stopped off at a sandwich shop to obtain sustenance for my venture forth into GLORY. Then walked over to the Embarcadero to get my ticket to adventure, there was a lively farmers market under way, I’ll visit that another time.. Could you imagine me dressed as a Pirate walking among the mundanes No Thank You!

So with my senior ticket in hand (yes I went the elderly route) made my way to gate “B” to await the boat. To my surprise I spotted numerous freebooters, cut throats and privateers in colorful array, now I felt AWAKWARD!! Until a friendly wench hailed greetings and asked where I was bound? Valley-Jo I said hesitantly, she corrected me saying Vallejo, to which I replied NorCalPirateFest. Under those eyes I felt scrutinized and had to redeem myself with the “Outfits in the bag”…. Um hmm.

Sitting down I introduced myself and immediately established my credentials as a Costume Nazi of the first caliber. Then upon boarding the ferry I excused myself to find the boys room and change into my regal robes of office as a scallywag, ye old sea salt and a member of the Black Fleet-Star Pirates Guild.

Needless to say as I stepped out upon the deck swaggered my way to the bow of the boat to preen, pose and stand heroically as I viewed the bay, damn I’m good. My newly acquired friend commented favorably upon my coat which I informed her was an Eva Vaneck creation. I felt better and sat back to enjoy the cruise.

Eventually the ferry pulled in a Vallejo and we could see the Festival was well under way from the landing and thankfully it wasn’t that far a walk, heard my name called and turned to see my neighbor from apartment #9 saying “I see your all decked out for fun and introduced me to her dad. What a nice guy saying he really liked my outfit (flattery will get you anywhere with me)…. Damn my vanity.

Eventually I finally made it to the entrance of the fair and guess I clap eyes upon but Doctor Who (Christopher Erickson) with the black palm (figure that one out *wink*) then the beautiful Captain Sassy (Jean Martin) also spotted the motley crew from Sonoma, Mike Fuller & Company, plus a host of other foul reprobates of the sea. I felt so at home among my brethren of honest sea faring merchants. --Truly that ship was afire when I fortunately happened along. Of course I’m sorry to say the crew where all dead so naturally I claimed salvage rights. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.--

Had the pleasure to reacquaint myself to my many wonderful friends to numerous to mention, manly cuz I couldn’t remember all their names, sorry kids. Lady Saiyon (Claudine) made her grand entrance and we promenade our way around the Pirate Strong Hold. We even took part in a treasure hunt for prizes; we had to look for a picture of a pirate and each time we found it we wrote down the name ie; William Kidd, Calico Jack, Mary Read and for our efforts we where in a drawing for five hundred gold coins to be drawn at main stage.

I was not drawn what a jip. Don’t you agree I’m more than worthy, say yes or I’ll cut your gizzard from ear to ear? Hrumph!

Trying to recall who I wandered into or heard call my name Pat Yolo, Athena and Kevin Kovacs also Bob who said Darrell couldn’t make it. Strange he had called me earlier in the week to make sure I was attending.

Was nearly six bells and I was plumb tuckered out from a full day of on my feet, my dawgs where barking, my lower back ached and my hansom brow was sun burned. I now understand why the ladies carried a parasol. Claudine said she was hungry and I agreed that we go find some inexpensive food, so we trod our sorry selves some miles to find her vehicle and went in search of tasty vittles.

Claudine has on of those GPS units which also lists shopping for what ever your looking for, well that would have been OK if it had worked but after three tries your out of luck…
So we gave up and suggested she could drop me off at the BART and I’ll make my way home. In route we saw a Subway sandwich shop and gratefully pulled in to indulge our hunger pangs.

Over our meal we chatted about every thing under the sun and I used the men’s room to change out of my overly warm clothing, it was cooler at the Pirates fest due to being near the bay breezes, it felt good to have a change of clothing and headed to the Walnut Creek Bart station.

The Bart train is louder than I recall in the tubes under the bay and was starting to getting a head ache, disembarked at Civic Center station and immediately noticing when I came to the surface that it was much cooler in the city by the bay; in fact it was near freezing (well maybe that was a slight fib) but I will say it did not stop the crazies & derelicts from being out in force. No wonder nobody wants to live here, they talk to you or any attractive young lady or themselves, even if you don’t want to hear it.

It was 10:15 by the time I finally crawled back to my place and fell into bed, I’m still sore all over from over exerting myself and after a full day of fun in the sun I was ready to intently study the inside of my eye lids. Looking forward to doing it again next year, amazed at the things I do for fun.
Damn I'm good