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Back from Rakkasah -Belly Dancing

My Dearest Shayne,

Another successful performance at this year’s, Rakkasah for troupe El Ashab and of course the folks backstage where running late as usual, say about twenty minutes behind schedule. They had us backstage awaiting our queue, our moment to strut out like the troopers that we are. Still we dazzled them with our professionalism, timing and polish, while I being the prime Ham that I am, shined like a rising STAR bursting with talent. (Did I mention that I'm Modest too....) We made them giggle, laugh and guffaw, even Ancilla had a smile on her face and admitted that I was good on stage.... can you imagine that, she said, "I was GOOD."

Promise me you'll ask her how my performance with the girls proved to be the high point of the evening, we shone, our luster was bright. She's a good girl if she agrees that I was the talent on stage. Make her sign a testament to my talents; grill her under the hot lights till she confesses. (Awe come on, I’m just kidding, really)

Although I must report that she herself fell off the "Being Good Wagon" she was muttering under her breath that she must be good, even urged me to help her. Case in point we just happened to wander by the Chocolate concession, variably draped in a mountain of sin. I'll grant that she responded reluctantly but she did respond when I assisted, her return to the straight and narrow away from the chocolate temptation. But after twenty feet or so the sirens call proved too much for the girl, I can bare witness that she succumbed "a slave to her sweet tooth" Now when temptation says jump, she says how high on the way up, "Watch your head baby your headed to the Moon"

However the sour part of the convention is the new location at the Vallejo, fairgrounds. I still can't believe I actually miss the Civic Center in Richmond. They had us in two halls a hundred yards apart and with the threat of rain constantly looming from the dark clouds overhead. I could hear people just grumbled under their breaths, too cold and the trek between the two halls. They charged us for the parking and squeezing every penny for serving too little food to cover a measly bowl that strangely resembled a thimble. And I chaffed at paying the toll at the Vallejo and the Bay Bridge.

I ask you, is that anyway to treat a Star?

Still Your Most Ardent Admirer


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