obi_have (obi_have) wrote,

Belly Dancing at Rakkasah

Hi Najma,

This years Rakkasah was interesting because of the new location, at the Vallejo County fairgrounds next to Marine world. Sorry darling but I think the Richmond Civic Center was better. (hey who said that?) Really didn't like the idea of two halls separated by a hundred yards or the threat of those dark clouds over head. The rumor had it that it was likely to rain, also that concrete floor was eating up my poor tired feet and making it hard on my back.

Speaking of food they rooked us on price and quantity, "how rude!" Spent five dollars on pasta (very cheep to make) and served in a bowl that strangely resembled a thimble. Found a stale candy bar in my costume bag that was wolfed down in an instant, I was so hungry. Aside from being "stale" and all, it tasted good. Oh and one more thing to gripe about, was very limited seating and crowded. There was no seating in the food area, had to stand among everyone else just to eat. "HOW RUDE!!" Also we got charged for parking, damn that was Rude?!

Now for some good news Ashab the troupe I dance with, went on at 7:30 Saturday night and let me tell you we were "GOOD" Oh and so much better than that we made them laugh.... I was fabulous, wonderful, fantastic, splendid and uproariously entertaining. Of course you probably wouldn't know that because, I'm so damn modest and never brag.... (yeah right)

Didn't see you or your name on the dance schedule or for that matter which group you would be dancing with, seems you forgot to tell me. I wanted to take pictures of your performance, images that would be suitable for framing or as they say, for blackmail... I seem to recall you dancing at the Black Fleet All Hallows Eve Bash and didn't you have a costume malfunction... didn't see anything then and was hoping to see something this time... (yeah I know, naughty boy)

Looking forward to hearing how it was for you and hope to see you at one of the up coming BF-SPG events.

Warm Hugs & Smooches

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