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Ants in my pants,

Can’t believe that the Second Annual Northern California Pirates Festival starts tomorrow, and I’m already chopping at the bit. The plan is get the posse moving around 8:30 am. in the general direction of Vallejo. Most of the team will travel by land speeder and two will bravely venture by ferryboat, convenient because it lands them next to the event site so you don’t have to walk that far. Either way I’m insisting that everyone arrive early to part take in the festivities, and avoid most of the traffic congestion getting into the area.

Last years event drew 30k with most of the participants appropriately attired, the site looked like a big budget movie set with everyone strutting their stuff and looking knarly. Including yours truly swaggering and posturing. a note here; if you weren’t in costume I didn’t see you. There were a lot of touristias wondering among us that didn’t register on the visual scanners, yeah I know I’m a raging Costume Snob. I’m wondering when that occurred in my head, Oh well, I’m aware of it now.

For those of you that saw me at the years BayCon Convention, were able to witness my new shtick. That of approaching unsuspecting wenches with a lollypop in hand and saying “Piece of candy little girl?” it was a full gambit of responses to the proposition. From complete shock, to surprise and “My mommy told me never to take candy from strange men” Of course that didn’t stop most of the ladies from taking the offered treat.

Of course in you see this Old Salty Dawg also known as the Sea Lord of the BLACK FLEET, remember you’re a Pirate and must ask accordingly. Note a sample phrase  “OH my Captain may I have a sweet?”
Hey you know you want it!

Naturally I expect if your taking pictures at the event, you will share the spoils and I'll share my booty of pics.

I has spoken

El Obi Ben Juan

The Sea Lord of the BF-SPG

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