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Well to start with I woke up around 11 am today (Sunday and still fully dressed?) and only because my cell phone was beeping. I kinda vaguely remember sitting in front of the computer last night, then finding I had dozed off again. My poor neck was hurting when a stirred much later and with some effort stumbled to bed. The reason I awoke was because I found my cell phone beeping in my jacket pocket, which seemed like it had been doing so for awhile. It was my good friend Captain Bobarossa, who wanted to know if I be at the Pirates festival again for a second day.

To be honest I didn't think I'll wanted to move from this comfortable bed, as I was still very interested in continuing studying the inside of my eyelids. Also my head felt like it was stuffed with moldy cotton and parched like the desert.

As for the Pirate Festival I will say we had such an enjoyable first day (Saturday only) arriving early enough, so as not to have to fight or search for parking. Also I need to point out here the identifying calls of the Pirate brothers in the parking lot, it was like the barking of Sea Lions. Other strange events occurred but I'll get to that later as my saga continues to unfold.

Ten am. In the morning and already there was a line of people waiting to gain entry, which was odd since all you needed to do was just swagger on threw. I like it when it so easy to gain entry and sack the town at ones leisure. Also it’s nice to know interesting folk with lofty titles, Flintlock Jane, Captain Kovacs, Sparrow, Lusty Wench and Tips Here. Oooops the last one was where she wanted the coin placed close to her heart.

Ahhh yes where else can you go and partake of bawdy performances, buxomly wenches and all the treasure of the seven seas to obtain, if you have the coin. Port Royal was never like this or Tortuga and for that mater was Tripoli.

It’s nice to reacquaint ones self to old Sea Dawgs (friends) but I know so many that I couldn’t go five feet without running into an old salt from former days and owed a few coins. Walking on a few feet more to meet old shipmates and more i.o.u’s also more alluring wenches to take your coin.

Finally made it to the food court area of the festival and found a place that had oysters (lovingly) calling my name. Found a spot to sit to hold court “ahh yes my dear and what can this old Sea Lord do for you” care to sit upon my lap. Hey you’re my girlfriend, that doesn’t count, also were making a scene with all this public displays of affection. Hey and just where you think your going, come back here you forgot to kiss my other ear. Yeah!

Time to pull out ye old flask of elixir to share with all me friends, hey don’t drink it all save some for me. At this event people expect you to drink some thing although I didn’t see any booze of any kind but we brought our own so it's OK.

Found a spot called the “Captain’s Nuts” specializing in honey roasted almonds, but also sold a tall tankard of “ICE TEA” I made special note as to it’s location. Also found a location of buttons to buy such as “ooh Shiny” and “Strip him, bath him and take him to my tent” not for me silly. I gave that one to my girlfriend Shayne, I got the female version for me.

Remember those strange things happening that I mentioned, they had two fast ships in the channel doing battle with canon and shot. They were sloops and fine beauties to behold with three masts and red sail. They Looked like they were mounting eighteen guns, didn’t stick around to see who won, as none of them at close range could hit each other. Was way to busy looking at the hussies parading around in there knickers, I think they were from the Jolly Wench and selling their wares.

Of course I’d have been shot dead if I should dare lay a hand unbidden, she being a fair shot. Or she might have slit me gizzard from ear to ear, even though she says she loves me.

Most women I’ve know hold their men either by the neck or arm, not so with mine, a firm hand on me plump rump is fine with me. Again that bit of five or ten feet and meeting old ship mates and another round of how much do I owe you, didn’t I already paid you and where is that map I gave good coin for. You know the usual business.

Eventually we disbanded around four thirty and since I had an invitation to attend a Star Party in Benica, I thought it best to change back to civvies. And that my dear friends, is a different story for later. No wonder I was so tired after such a full day and evening.
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