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I'm now a Privateer

Privateer at Ren-Faire

Friends I have again attended the fifth annual Golden Gate Park Renaissance Faire and recovering nicely from overwhelming effects of revelry. I caroused with wenches, consumed spirits in massive quantities and trod my way from one end of the fair to the other. How my feet and lower back ached with pain at the exertion and heroic efforts to defile myself.

I’m what as known as a four year veteran of having been flogged on the suspicion of Piracy, a tradition set up by my very own crew (how they love me) They at least admit to liking me and want to enjoy a good joke, at my expense of course. However this year I had other ideas and immediately endeavored to foil their plans.

To with I applied myself to the task of petitioning the Queens court for a “Letter of Marque” not the easiest thing to obtain mind you. Having earlier in the week set up a splendid draft of the letter to be submitted, my girlfriend Lady Shayne offered to pen the final document. Let me say it was a thing of rare beauty and even the Lord High Chamberlain commented on it. Noticing the proper use of phrase, title of authority, also of fonts and parchment.

Of course a bag of Chocolate Latinum always helps to expedite the wheels of the bureaucracy. Plus an all out effort to obtain the document ensued, arriving early, and being on hand to collect it and handing over another bag of 15% tax. Chocolate what would I do without it.

Although not without incident one of crew, actually two of them where taken by the Queens Magistrate and where dealt with. I attempted to intervene on their behalf, but without that letter of Marque in hand I couldn’t affect their release.

Aside from that one small brush with authority we continued to enjoy a fine day at fair, although I felt it strange to feel a chill in the air. But most of the fortunate ones clung to their cloaks and capes or anything available. (come her sweet thing and keep me warm) Most times at a Ren-Faire the temperature would be sweltering inferno and bake us in our finery. Resulting in face plants and nosedives into the turf, please pass the water bottle.

I want to say thank you to my loyal crew of Reprobates and all our friends that showed up to stroll and hang with us for the day. Really it was fun.

Imperious Leader BF-SPG

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