It's Raining out there

Got up this morning to the sound of pitter-patter of the rain on the window and a stiff breeze moving the tree branches up against the building. I was up early enough to gobbled down some toast & jam with my mint tea and sprinted out the door. Exiting out the door puts me in the courtyard of the apartment, it’s sort of like extra space for me to enjoy during the summer.

But this morning it was cold dark gray skies that got me wet as I exited out the gate on to the sidewalk. The rain was coming down on my street something fierce so I opted to pull out the old Jedi Mobile from the carport to avoid a drenching getting to work.

Back in the day I use to drive a postal vehicle to deliver the mail and one of the safety procedures was to drive with the headlights on during the rain. Something about being seen by other drivers if their windows fogged up, I still do it as a matter of course. Although, most people don’t turn on the headlights in a rain and seem perfectly happy to have fogged up windows.

These days the next safety tip is wearing a head set for my cell phone to keep my hands free, I like being safe. Only today along with the high winds and pouring rain are other drivers driving like maniacs, swerving to avoid fallen tress, branches and stalled vehicles. Also they usually drive with the cell phone in hand and intently conversing with whoever it is they need to yell at. Also I’m sorry to be in my lane but your drifting into mine and I’ve nowhere else to go in this heavy traffic. So screw you too.

The rain is still coming down while the wind is buffeting my transport and I’m trying to avoid hitting work crews having to clear the mess to keep the lanes open. Driving along Golden Gate Park on Lincoln Way to approach Ninth Avenue where I work at the San Francisco Botanical Garden. Visibility is nil and it’s only 8:30 in the morning, feeling I need to make reservations with Noah, for a berth on the ark.

Now I’m worried the parking lot is flooded with only one other vehicle parked up close to the building, which is a good idea so I did the same. Entering the office and it’s dark so I yell out “Good morning” and a reply from the Park Superintendent saying, “Hi Alex”
Well I’m not alone but I need to turn on the lights and my computer and get the place ready.

This is strange at fifteen minutes after the hour and nobody else has arrived, the super has said there are reports of trees falling over in and around the park, blocking traffic. Nobody is coming into the garden today and suggests I go home. Yeah I’m heading for the back door to leave and as I open the door, I hear the wind howl then a loud crack. Looking up to see a large branch fall off of the big tree near the parking lot and crash loudly to the asphalt. I’m thinking surely I felt it move the ground but it missed my trusted wheels by twenty feet.

Yep I’m out of here if I can just drive beyond the fallen branch that I see when I drive by is as thick as my thigh. Luckily I’m heading home to catch the news. So have a very good weekend everybody.

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Oh Gosh, I don't do mornings very well and I wish that goddamn bird would shut the F*** up or just fly away. Hate feathery fanatics that have to sing..... it's Sunday December 16th. 2007 What a strange weekend already, attended a memorial for my girlfriend's sister (she was so young 58) we only met a few times. I remember the first time, my girlfriend dragging me off to see her because she wanted to know, who is dating her older sister. (strange word my girlfriend, she's a woman)

We arranged to meet at a coffee house in San Rafael "Muffin Mania" Felt like I was under a microscope "like some kind of virus" and I was yammering because I talk like that when I'm that nervous.

She listened while she looked me over and commented to her sister "he tells stories doesn't he" asked me a few questions more like an afterthought and finally said " OK you can date my sister" it was then that I became aware that had been holding my breath.

Like I said it was a very nice memorial and Shayne had made a DVD of pictures that chronicled both their lives to music. It was very impressive, I've got to get her to show me how it's done maybe put something similar on my web site

She had family to deal with and sent me off with friends (we had discussed what I could do to help but her friends and family had it covered. I'd have been a third wheel so I was dismissed to attend a "Klingon Kristmas Karnage" gift exchange and feeding frenzy (no costumes)

Was still wearing a suit when I arrived at the gathering and everyone commented that it was supposed to be a casual affair, I had to explain that if your at a memorial you have to dress up to show respect. A couple of the ladies complimented that I clean up fairly nice, then handed me a glass of wine and commenced to schmooze the night away.

Had to answer questions as to why my lady wasn't at the party.... I called her on my cell phone to let her know I'd rather be with her, but she had to tell me they where off to have dinner at a restaurant. Will talk tomorrow she promised and thanked me for everything, saying that everyone appreciated that I dressed up for it. I could hear a smile in her voice that told me I'd made points.

Phone messages from last night asking if I'd like to attend a gathering in San Jose and another to see a film "I am Legend" in San Francisco. I'd rather just sleep in but it was already 8am and besides it would ruin my internal clock to pick up another bad habit.

Good Morning Already

Rocky Sqirrell doesn't fly

Would have posted this last week but was busy with getting ready to go to SiliCon Convention. Must ask the Goddess to pack more hours into a day, just don’t have enough time to do everything.

But now for the reason I’m posting is to share this true story, I’m working as Receptionist at the Library of the San Francisco Botanical Gardens. They keep me busy with data entry, answering phones and greeting people that want to use the Library or see the exhibits. On a daily basis it varies from a rush of people to quite moments where I can actually hear the Hawks, birds or see a squirrel come up to the open door to my area.

To enter my area you walk threw the gate into a courtyard over grown with fauna and trees. At one end are the windows of offices and to the right of that, the open door to my small entryway into the Library.

Each day a squirrel whom, I’ve named Rocky, “pun intended” visits while foraging for food. I need to point out that where not allowed to feed the wild life, as their bold as brass and have been known, to run up your leg to steal your potato chips or sandwich. Also the Canadian Geese on migration stop over for a day or two, they are aggressive and act like they learned such behavior while they where in Oakland.

However my story is about Rocky who one day ventured into the Library while I was answering a question for a couple wanting directions to the Japanese Tea Garden. While I was speaking directly to the lady, her beau was standing in the doorway. Out of the corner of my eye I see the squirrel making his way threw the reception area and into the library. Without thinking I yell “Rocky get your funky ass out of here!”

A variety of events happend simultaneously as she jumps from my outburst and looks in the direction I’m yelling at. Her beau steps forward instantly, to see if he can save his lady from the screaming Mad Man. At that moment I’d swear Rocky flipped me off as he bolted into the Library area and heading for the far wall.

The head librarian is alarmed at my outburst and demands to know what is going on, while I’m monitoring Rocky’s progress among the racks of books. I announce that the squirrel has entered the library and the Librarian calmly says, “get it out of here” Now I’m considering the best course of action as I usher people to the exit. But it’s apparent that nobody wants to leave, as they want to bear witness to great hunt about to unfold.

I’m not wanting to chase the critter around in a game of hide and seek, plus he’s got teeth and not afraid to use them. While I have fingers with an opposing thumb that man has learned to use to make costumes and prepare food. I’m not ready to offer them up as bait.

Damn right I’m afraid of the little bastard and the only thing I can think of is to herd him into the direction of the children’s area, that has big windows and low bookcases.

Rocky also had the same idea as freedom beckoned threw the glass to the outside world, only the windows where closed. I approached cautiously and could here him bumping loudly behind the low bookcases and occasionally jump up for the windows.

I reached for the cord to open the curtains just a little bit wider and moved to unlatch the window; all the while the thought of razor sharp teeth was foremost in my mind. Had just unlatched the bottom and pushed the window open, followed by a blur of fur as Rocky flew past.

Found that I had pulled my hands up close to my body and with effort was attempting to breath again. Turned around and went back to my desk and everyone else was going back to what ever it was they where doing as if nothing had happened. While I was quietly counting my fingers over and over.

Order of the Phoenix

Oh Jeezuz, can’t tell you how much it pains me to have seen the fifth episode of the Harry Potter series, “The Order of the Phoenix” not that it was a bad film. “No” The bad part is getting home after four am. And for this old fossil it’s not a good thing, I’m dragging my sorry old over sized plump rump today. I need way more rest to function even remotely properly and a months worth of beauty sleep to even look descent among civilized folk.

(Yawn) nice movie although if you’ve read the book your going to notice some changes that will slightly irk you to blurting out “hey that’s not in the book”
Well actually it was only it got changed around to make the move run faster….

The Deathly Howls arrives on July 20th. The bookstore in my neighborhood (Haight-Ashbury) will have a book premiere party and my group (BF-SPG) will be in costume to help launch the festivities. Speaking of which Dakron, was attired as Professor Snake (yes, he wants the typo error) and I was Alistair Obi Diebold. (Ministry of Magic Official) Many ladies had commented on my resemblance of looking remarkably like Albus Dumbledore. Sorry I don’t see it and my good friend Albus, is too important a personage to appear at such events, as the running of Hogwarts takes precedence over such matters.

I offered to stand in for him and as a Ministry Official will oversee the Owl’s testing of the fifth years.

Continued Report

Report continues.
Blink, blink after a long nap and it’s still Sunday, I should continue this report for the Pirate Brethren. I’ve been reading the Twix messages from Trebor, who’s been at the Festival all day…. aside from all the swag and plunder still no booty. Although they have been referred to him as “mi lord” sigh and here all I get is “dirty old man” But I think that’s due to the ladies of the Black Fleet I keep company with. They wink and caress my cheek when they jokingly refer to me as “the dirty old man” I just hope nobody takes them too seriously.

I’m still tired even after a long nap; I was all cranky this morning. Not fit company for man or beast or even being around polite folk. I was such a grouch and looking in the mirror didn’t help any, because I looked like death warmed over ….. But enough about wonderful me.

Did I mention that the costumes looked as if you walked onto the set of a big budget pirate movie. I’ve already said enough about the men’s costumes. Let’s say something nice about the ladies and there where some very elegantly dressed ladies, in the latest styles. Some of the local tavern wenches where quite alluring/ what am I saying they all where. Quite a few where painted up strumpets that looked like they just slapped Captain Jack in the face, for some inappropriate transgression? Of course he deserved it, can’t trust a pirate especially when he’s well into his cups of rum.

Ran it a lot of people that I know from all over and everyone of them looked dazzling in their resplendent outfits. I was so proud of them, they took the time to come down and offer their support, of course any chance for a costumer to show case their talents and that’s including me…
more later.

The NorCal Pirates Festival

I’m back from the First Northern California Pirates Festival that was in Vallejo, and I am totally exhausted from all that fun. And first off I can say that the sun was shinning and warm that glorious day, but thank the Goddess that there was a blustery wind to keep us cool. For the Pirate Brethren where out in FORCE, strutting their stuff in all their finery and armed to the teeth.

It was an excellent showing of costumed attendees to support this event, some of which I recognized seeing at BayCon, and the Ren-Faire. Blimey Laddy, we looked so “Damn Good” promenading about to show off our outfits. To see and be seen in beautiful feathers that adorned hats, also fine leathers that where fashioned into doublets, coats and bodices over delicate lace. And that was just to describe the men, the ladies where out to entice your money and take your spiced rum right out of your hand. You could consider yourself lucky if you got your tankard back. Such was a day at the isle of Tortuga, the Pirate Strong hold in these waters.
Report to continue later.

New Computer

Just got another computer and now I have to re-login to Live Journal, such difficulty it has become to do this....... couldn't remember my password. Had it written down somewhere but even that was a head ache looking for it, I out smarted myself again. Thinking I'd put it in a safe place that would be easy to recall and recover. But no, not me, it was in the last miserable place that I looked. lord save my from my bright ideas.

Back from BayCon

Ahhhha, By the Goddess,

Oh yeah I'm paying for it now, I hurt all over now from the bottom of my feet, my legs, also my lower back and up to my shoulders. An operatic choir of complaints from muscles, having to endure all that stress of standing so long on concrete also the lack of sleep contributes to this sad morning. In truth I can honestly say, “at the time it was really worth it” enjoying all that non-stop fun at Bay-Con. But right now, I’m paying for it Big Time…….

Tis’ a rousing tale of carousing with worthy friends and all collectively contributing to my delinquency, not that I was trying to be an alter boy. However, I think there is a spot for me in that “Theological Realm of Eternal Punishment” I’ll save you a spot close by.

I reveled and caroused shamelessly with Klingons, Rogues, Heroes and every beautiful Winch that was about. I danced at the Regency, boogied down at the Rocky Horror, and shook my booty at the post masquerade dance or any other location that had dancing.

Lounged and hung out at any intersection that afforded me a place to see and be seen in me New Pirates Coat, Wizards Robe or Gentleman’s Frock Coat and my BF-SPG officers leather flight jacket. Damn I hate to admit it but I looked good, even if I do say so myself.

I liked the hotel even though it was a bit small/cramped; it had all the amenities conveniently located to keep me appeased. Also if you took the time to walk about, you could work your way threw the maze and find short cuts to every floor and location. Couldn’t complain when I found that I had a suite to lounge in, complete with two flat screen TV’s and I was truly amazed that some people had lofts to their rooms.

Wasn’t able to see the Masquerade, Trailer Park or a few other events due to the lack of appropriate size to handle the venue. The convention handled this by having people stand in line for hours to get a ticket/wrist bands to view these events. I found this solution as a little too taxing to my legendary patience and opted to forgo the pleasure.

Most people where aware of me actively recruiting ladies for the Klingon Slave Auction for Saturday night. I was in charge of the Auction (how I love my job) and I worked hard to make it a success, of course with the some help. I wrote the “copy” for the release to the server list, and the Klingons (Dave) made the fliers to be strategically posted threw-out the convention.

Although the hotel was small and a little cramped, efforts were made to accommodate the event. Sadly we had to set up outside by the swimming pool area, a far distance from the Klingon Bar “The Black Hole”. Where best and nothing less is served, the finest intoxicants and liquors this side of the galaxy, are at this establishment.

My thanks to the grand Admiral, for sending an elite squad of Klingons to maintain the peace as security guards. The Admiral himself arrived to personally inspect and approve of this years freshly assembled product for sale. Even though we had to compete with the Masquerade event, the few ladies that did arrive where of top quality “Eye Candy” and none went for nothing less then one hundred dollars.

And ladies, we did have male product for sale although they where usually, late entries. Except for one Heroic Highlander who thrilled the ladies that had assembled to view the sale. My worthy assistant Bon-bon (an honored Black Fleet member) was the designated slave handler this year and with a well practiced hand. She was able to display this year’s product to full effect. She caressed his abdominals, pinched his nipples, turned him around and smacked his behind. Then lifted the back of his kilt to reveal to the delight of the ladies that he was indeed, (his butt cheeks) where regimental and a credit to his gender.

Last but not least I need to mention at this point, that Bon-bon herself took the opportunity to jump onto the Slave Block. She was eager to see how much she would bring in. She was dressed if you could call it that in her Zatanna outfit, of High heel sneakers, Fishnets, Black Corset and crowned with a Top Hat & Long tails.
A true femme fatal, deluxe version.
(See Adam Hughes)
She posed, preened, tuned, twisted and smiled to best effect to achieve a good price for the Eye Candy. She was not disappointed and in her own words “she was gift wrapped”

I hope you all had a good weekend
Hugs to All

Slaves Needed at BayCon Convention

Volunteers needed to be sold at the Klingon Slave Auction at the BayCon Convention.

An exciting opportunity to be placed on the famous Klingon Slave Block, to be sold
to the highest bidder for the extreme Pleasure, of your exquisite company.

The chance to brag to your friends that you did the booty dance to Enhance the bid,
just to acquire the sweet fine that is you.

Sign up at “THE BLACK HOLE” a fine Klingon establishment featuring the finest exotic
intoxicants this side of the galaxy. Only the best and nothing but when you buy at
“The Black Hole”.

Spices, Slaves and weapons all kinds, ships and all legal beverages. Klingon Blood
Wine, Phaser Shots, Romulan Ale and the ever popular Warp Core Coolant are featured.
The bar specialty is REVENGE, a drink best served COLD.

Under the authority of the Ring of Fire Fleet, the Black Fleet-Star Pirates Guild and
the Orion Slave Traders Guild.


Well your dear friend Alex is at it again, he's making a fool of himself with all the girls in the “El Ashab” dance troupe, who will be performing at the upcoming Rakkasah West event. Please be advised that you are invited to see us dance Sat 3/17/07 at about 9-pm at The Richmond Civic Auditorium, (at 27th and Niven streets in Richmond, CA)

For more info go to
and look up Rakkasah West 2007

If seeing Alex dance and shake his over sized hinny isn't incentive enough please remember this, it’s the biggest Belly Dance convention in the world. There are hundreds of dancers on stage and threw out the day, with plenty of opportunity to shop about. Ladies you’ll just love this place for the exquisite costumes in an infinite variety of styles and colors that you’ll be able to try on. And the boys will truly enjoy seeing you try them on…. I know that I did.

Ladies we are talking a gender ratio of about 100:1 in favor of women (all shapes sizes and ages), Dancers all.... It’s an event for Women, by Women, in Celebration of Women.

The event costs $15 for the entire day so get there early for a good parking spot, as it’s very popular for those in the know. And now you are enlighten to join in the fun.

Hope to see you there
Hugs to all